Cat Sitting

Our cat sitting services is the healthiest, most beneficial alternative to caged cat boarding at your vet’s office, or local boarding facility. In our experience and years caring for cats, our specialty is to properly care for your cat, and your home, we always treat your pets as if they were our own fur babies.


Our pet care associates will always go above and beyond for all your pet’s needs, and yours, making sure every step of the way your feline family members are as happy as possible when you cannot be there for them.


Unlike boarding, they will be able to relax and stay within their comfortable and known sleeping areas, their environment does not change, they will always be showered with love and understanding, as cat specialists we know that not all cats are the same, and we work hard to nurture all our feline friends.


There won’t be a time that their daily routine is disturbed, while receiving the companionship, and respect they deserve.

Services & Rates

-Daytime Monday-Friday-

(8:30 am through 8:30 pm) 


30 Minute Visit 1-3 Cats – $18

60 minute visit 1-3 cats – $29


(10am through 7pm)

An additional $3 per visit.


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