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Basic Grooming 

  We send only the best to your doorsteps;

So skip worrying about taking your pet to the groomers, or animal clinic every single time their nails grow a tad too much, or their ears begin to smell a little. We all know that pets need constant care, but its not always easy to provide their grooming essentials, because taking them to the vet, or groomer every month is not realistic even for the most serious pet parent. 

We also know that most pets HATE the trip to the veterinarian, and going monthly just for your cats nails trim, or your dogs chronic ear cleaning can seem like the biggest hassle.

(We know you both dread it!) 

So why not just hire someone with years of experience and medical knowledge to provide the essential care your pet needs?

This is why EC Pets has got you covered!

From all the basics manicure, ear cleaning, brush down, and even a bath.

All we need is a bathroom, or small area in your home (for some pets even their favorite spot is the best choice, and their favorite towel) And we got it from there.

Our Rates

Nail Trims

Our Starting Rate: 

Cats and Dogs is 22/per pet

Addition Sibling +5

Addition For Kittens +3

Rabbit and Guinea Pigs is 20/per pet

Addition Sibling +3

Additional charge for pets with different temperaments will be added after our specialist finishes service.

Ear Cleaning

Our Starting Rate: 

Pets need to maintain a healthy ear canal to avoid future infections, and discomfort. 

We can help with up cleaning and applying medication from your Veterinarian.

Cats and Dogs is 15/per pet

Addition Sibling +5

Addition For Kittens +3

Rabbit and Guinea Pigs is 10/per pet

Addition Sibling +3

Grooming Package

Though EC Pets currently does not provide haircuts.

We do provide bathing, mat removals, under eye fur clean up and more.

Cats -$40 

Includes nail trim, ear cleaning, brushing (for mats and maintenance) 

For full bath + $15


Dogs - $45

Includes nail trim, ear cleaning, brushing (for mats and maintenace)

For full Bath + $20


Important Information:

Our specialist will handle your pet with care, please keep in mind for proper nail trimming in our feline friends some scruff-ing is necessary, the specialist will only scruff if pet shows signs of restraint, or aggression. If pet is not easily handled, our specialist is a Veterinarian Technician and has years of experience in restraining from assistant work in a animal hospital, she will evaluate the situation and work accordingly to pets stress levels. If the job cannot be completed on the same day, a second visit will be recommended.

Please note that we do not charge for second visits, but gratuities are encouraged and appreciated for highly difficult pets that result in second visit to complete care.

This method is not done to dog, rabbits, or guinea pigs.

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